Toward a powerful and responsible therapeutic ecology.


  • Luca Vallario



Starting from an analysis of the relationship between Bateson's thought and some aspects of postmodern psychotherapeutic thought, particularly related to Social Constructionism, this article proposes a reflection on the theme of the therapist's power and responsibility. The author, attempting to deduce the position derived in this regard from Bateson's lecture, recalls the need for the therapist's identity to bring as a dowry in the process of therapeutic connection the right to exercise one's own multifaceted and polyhedral power and the duty to assume ethical and technical responsibility. Only in this way, with the affirmation of a “powerful” and responsible mind, the therapist can continue to be fruitfully part of a co-constructive process.


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Sezione Speciale: Verso un'Ecologia della Mente 50 anni dopo

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Toward a powerful and responsible therapeutic ecology. (2022). Journal of Psychosocial Systems, 6(2), 27-40.