An experience in multi-couple group mediation


  • Ester Livia Di Caprio



In recent years there has been a growing spread of psychosocial interventions characterized by the use of multi-family extended groups, whose application is useful in many clinical fields.

The adoption of multi-family settings seems to be dictated by the evidence that this working method combines a low cost with high efficiency.

In this case, the identification of problematic areas connected with the phenomenology of separation and divorce and the solicitation of possible resources becomes a practice but also an experimental methodology for network support forms.

In particular, the configuration of the multi-couple group, specific operational declination of the extended group, is characterized as an optimized version of the clinical application. Hence, the hypothesis of being able to place within it, a plurality of couples, returning from the emotional and relational experience of a marital crisis, but focused on the inevitable task of being able to keep faith in the parental mandate.

On the basis of these considerations, we have tried to hypothesize the possibility of starting a multi-family operative programme including separated couples but united with the intention to maintain the parental function, however harshly proven by the dissolution of the conjugal bond.


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An experience in multi-couple group mediation. (2018). Journal of Psychosocial Systems, 2(1), 24-31.

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